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A Danish gross-out comedy that takes it that step too far… which makes it all the better. Follow father-to-be Fred as he kidnaps his partner’s young nephew, Bo, and heads out on a “Tour de Pussy” with his awful, adulterous best friend Casper. If you like American Pie or The Hangover (this film comes complete with a photo montage of crude activity at the end) you are sure to enjoy this.

Before Fred heads out on a canoeing trip in a desperate attempt to prove his worth as a father, we are introduced to his home life. There are some brilliantly observed moments of truth which get the film off to a hilarious start. We see Fred interacting awkwardly at his book club, a fraternity of sorts, who follow strange rules of punishment including the particularly amusing “beak tweak”. Fred is an infuriating soul who is trying to do the right thing but due to his best friend leading him astray and a sense of loyalty to the fraternity he never quite gets it right and ends up in deep trouble.

Along the river things take the usual natural course of gross-out with scenes of a sexual nature taking a diversion towards the back path and a music festival experience full of drugs, alcohol and some more sex. Director Mikkel Norgaard and writers Casper Christensen and Frank Hvam (who also appear in the lead roles) know the rules of this kind of comedy and up the stakes once again – especially in a cringe inducing pearl necklace scene – but they also make sure their characters receive the best kind of payback for their dreadful behaviour.  

Where American Pie looked at the teen experience and The Hangover at the move into marriage, Klown shifts the focus to fatherhood producing a somewhat thoughtful journey in the male coming of age gross-out film. Excruciating, funny, outrageous and rather sweet at times.

Klown has its UK premiere at LOCO film festival on 25th January at BFI.

You can purchase tickets here.


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